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After summer, there is work!

Summer’s almost gone, and a wicked season is upon us. This year we’ve already been out quite some but still we got more to do.

Westside Music Sweden reps and/or artists will be taking part in a number of events starting late August spanning all the way to  December when we host our own event, Viva Sounds!

This be our schedule from here;

08.31-09.02 @ c/o Pop, Cologne, DE
WMS is visiting this classic festival for a possible, and coherent, co-op in 2019.

09.19-22 @ Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, DE
Hosting our own showcase at Europe’s finest, just like last year. Reception as well, come eat pizza and get inside before it’s too late.

09.28-29 @ Fira B!, Mallorca, ES
New partner in España, and Annelie is taking the trip along a rep from WMS.

09.28-10.06 @ Braga Music Week, Braga, PT
One of the coolest city (and street sometimes) festivals there is. We’re happy to be part of this again, having Tilde Hjelm doing duo-shows this year.

10.05-08 @ Zandari Festa, Seoul, KR
Our first Asian trip took place last year, and this year WMS is invited back – Browsing Collection doing it again, backed up by a grateful invitation for the platform.

10.26-27 @ BIME, Bilbao, ES
Moving on up here, this year we’ll double the talent by having Agent Blå and The Bongo Club playing, and next year we might be even more up in the mix of this fine event.

11.19-24 @ Monkey Week, Seville, ES
Ah, our fourth year in the south of Spain visiting Monkey Week, aka, Monkeys With Attitudes, aka The Mighty Gorilla. Thrilled as always!

12.07-08 @ Viva Sounds, Gothenburg, SE
Our own event is growing a bit, a few more slots, a few more venues, more music and a better conference. We did learn some stuff last year, and will try to use that knowledge to get on the map with this.