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Dancing in the dark

The summer is sadly coming to an end, but we embrace the darkness ahead by bringing you some of the greatest electronic acts the Nordic has to offer - at Vega Bryggeriet during Gothenburg Culture Festival. With a line-up consisting of Kælan Mikla, KÅRP and Torch, we are in for a unique evening that is sure to tickle your fancy.

Hailing from Denmark, Torch brings a sound that is alluring, omniscient and icy cold. After two intense years of shows around Europe they are now closing in on releasing their first album - but first they’ll make their grand debut in Gothenburg.

– There isn’t that big of a big scene in Denmark for the kind of music we play, it’s literally the same people who attends these kinds of shows. So it’s nice to travel abroad and meet some other nordic post-punk bands. We played in Stockholm once but that was during the pandemic, so we’re excited to play in Sweden for some more attending people, says vocalist and keyboardist Benjamin Lind Holm.

– It’s also super exciting to support Kælan Mikla since we’re big fans. We also feel like there might be a bit higher stakes at a gig like this, so there are both excitement and a some nervousness involved, vocalist and guitarist Ivik Rosing-Johsen fills in.

Death-disco act KÅRP have, with their darkly shimmering and electronic style, gotten comparisons to both The Knife and Robyn. Their latest gig in Gothenburg in February was sold out three weeks ahead of time, so we’re in for a treat.

– It’s a blast playing in Gothenburg, there’s always a great turnout. We've listened to the bands playing and we already felt related to them in some way through their music, so it feels like a good company to be in. Just when the days are getting shorter, it's nice to have a little Nordic darkness again - it feels like something wonderful to wallow in, says guitarist Tobias Trollsjö.

With the closing act of their apocalypse trilogy being finalized in the studio, they now wanna mesmerize the audience with both new music and lights.

– We are a band that spends a lot of time in the studio - and enjoy it quite well there. Since we also do all the lighting ourselves, it's quite a process because we have to program it before each new song. It’s like writing a song almost - but with lights. Playing festivals during the summer usually almost makes us feel like vampires since it never gets dark in this country, and it needs to be a dark and confined space for the light show to come to its full potential. But now we’re ready to meet the Gothenburg audience again with some new songs in our back pocket, says Tobias.

Vega Bryggeri on Saturday, September 3. No reason not to be there.

Kælan Mikla

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