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Day of Independence

My dad can beat up your dad! My mum runs faster than yours! Hey, you shouldn't compare your parents skills and you can't compete in music. Still, it's pretty cool to show appreciation for both parents, artists, bands and labels that work hard and who keeps it up. Which is what Manifest is all about.

The award gala is as always done by SOM, the covering body for all independent labels in the land, and at this years edition of the Manifest Gala, there are per usual some fine local talent we are keeping an eye on and cheering a bit extra for. Some of them we have worked with, some are working with partners to Westside and some are just utterly great. Give it up for the nominated ones;


Metal: Orochen – Anthroposcenic (Suicide Records)
Newcomer of the year:
Lisa Wanloo (Startracks)
Toad Venom (Welfare Sounds & Records)
The Big Black Holes (BlackValley Records)

This year the event is not happening in Stockholm, but in Gothenburg, so maybe my dad can beat up yours anyway. All set to meet up and show appreciation to independent music at Pustervik on Thursday February 23rd. This year the Manifest Talks are held online starting Monday 20th of Feb, and you find more info on that and the actual gala via the links below.

And oh, as this is not enough, SOM will also do the new concept Manifestival at the end of April, more to come!