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You do your thing, we do ours. Viva Sounds looks to expand a little bit, some more venues, more artists, more shows, more talks, more people, more smiles, more fun. Next artist announcement soon, tickets are out there - and delegates can sign up now.

First weekend of December means Viva Sounds. Steadily growing organically since its inception in 2017 and not that much changed since, it's only gotten better. We still program by the same formula, getting music to our stages from our local community (we got talent here), from other places in Sweden and from the outside world. This year we're gonna add some more venues, of course in the same neighborhood. If you went to Viva Sounds last year, you passed by the new ones. So far not too many artists announced so you just know there's gonna be loads more to get in on. Promise you this, before the summer break we're dropping more names of acts that's gonna rip the festival up. Also, we're still open for applications. 

Tickets are still cheap, and you get them here!

News for the conference is we're gonna do the talks on both days, not all on Saturday as previous years. People gotta get time to meet. And we still won't invite random people by their titles or places they work, we're still treating our guests more carefully than that. We gotta build the event from the inside out to keep that special vibe and intimacy we like so much. If you work in music in some capacity, big or small, apply for a delegate pass, where both the conference and the shows are included. We hope to see you.


Photo by: Nikos Plegas