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Hey! What’s the story?

 We launch a new type session, focusing on the theme behind the song. The story that shaped the lyrics. The story of the song.

What story hides behind your favourite song? Does the lyric have any meaning? In the new session series Story of the song we meet up with artists to try and figure out just that. We let the artist focus on one specific track, walk us through it and describe it. The magic then unfolds, while afterwards the artist plays the song in a unique setting.

Story of the song is part of our new media content push, as we try to create new ways to develop, and to expose our artists for a new, bigger and global audience. Together with partners and friends we hope to both publish and distribute the content to relevant channels. 

Are you a musician and up for telling a story? Get in touch.    

Story of the song will premiere in a near future with several episodes being published during the fall and winter.