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SPOT Festival has been going on annually since 1994 (!) with a focus on Danish and Scandinavian music. The event puts on some 100-200 shows at multiple venues in/around Århus, the second city of Denmark and brings in delegates from all over Europe with a sweet conference in the middle of it all.

Since starting up Westside we knew we wanted to be part of SPOT Festival and we've been keen to come back, year after year, since that first trip in 2018. It's a festival that always delivers and we found a second home at Headquarters, which serves as the perfect venue for our thing. HQ is run by great people and got a nice room for fun, it's all easy to dig. Thus far we've always had amazing times there so of course we're doing it again this year. Our line-up is definitely on par with ones we've had previous so give it up for;


Lisa Wanloo / got her dark, massive debut album released via Startracks and with a vinyl release coming up
End of Fun doing their kraut-psych-indie to further spread the disease of weird, straight and all in beween
Orochen /taking no prisoners and respecting no boundaries with a new album this May on Suicide Records

As you well can hear, this year will be a smash, and we're looking forward to that first weekend of May more than usual.

Spot Festival takes place 6th and 7th of May, and our shows will happen on Saturday 7th at Headquarters, starting at 5 pm.

Previous artists from us over to Århus are; Tilde Hjelm, Easy October, Topplock (2018), The Bongo Club, Beverly Kills, Terra (2019), Browsing Collection, Bror Gunnar Jansson, Sunhill (2021). 


Photo: Sunhill @ Spot 2021 by M. Roth de Fris Lündbergh