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Let's talk management

Home ground premier, and we start off with a banger. It’s time for this year’s first VIVA TALKS. Last year’s events were all ace, so why change a winning concept? This year we'll dig deep into the different areas of the music industry and set focus on the most important parts. Let’s start out with what might be the most mysterious and mythical of all – management.

On Wednesday February 26 Pustervik in Gothenburg is the place to be, and we got two excellent guests with us. London-based Ach Dhillon started Killing Moon back in 2011, as a music blog that has become a record label, a promoter and a management (among other things). Ach recently started working as a manager for Perry Farell (Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros and founder of Lollapalooza) so we believe he’ll arrive in Gothenburg with a few things to tell.

What should the audience expect, and what should/can they prepare before the panel?
− Generally, an overview as to how artist management with recurrent development principles in mind is supposed to operate. We’ll likely be discussing divisions of labour and why it’s very important for a modern manager, and indeed artists, to have a basic grasp of anything to do with their careers, Ach says.

For an artist/band – what becomes easier working together with a manager?
− That entirely depends at which point it is determined a manager is needed, and for what purpose. Typically, when you can’t look after your own business affairs because things are just becoming that busy, that’s a good time to look at business manager to look after things like records, publishing, merch, live, and sponsorships/endorsements. If the manager is competent in those areas, theoretically they’re supposed to become easier, he says.

Next to Ach Dhillon we got Emma Weber from Gothenburg, who represents the local Make Wave Productions. Since the start four years ago she’s been the manager for the Swedish band and Youtube-phenomenon Wintergatan, and more recently she picked up the southern-inspired goth starlight Virginia And The Flood.

What is required by a band/artist to make you show interest?
− Chemistry. All artists and bands are different and have different ways of working and creating, and it does not necessarily have to conform with my way of thinking. There is no template or working method that can be applied to everyone, which makes the music industry both challenging and tough, but also very rewarding when you find your form. I have to feel like I’m a part of the team and be proud of what the collaboration produces, otherwise I don’t believe in a successful collaboration, Emma says.

Sounds like we got an exciting evening ahead of us. Seems kind of stupid not to attend, so head down to Pustervik to hang out, and maybe learn something at the same time. 

Viva Talks Management
Pustervik - February 26, 18.00

Words: Gustav Påhlsson
Photo: Private