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Let's talk venues

What’s the status for music venues right now? I guess everybody's got a qualified guess these days, but what are the hopes for the future? Moving our series Viva Talks online will bring this conversation to your living room already next week. Given the situation, venues seems as the right way to start this digital adventure. 

Usually, Viva Talks got the ambition to create a forum where our local music industry in Gothenburg can meet and exchange ideas with the international guests we  invite, as a pretty decent music after-work. We've done it for some time and had a great program planned out for the spring, but since Covid-19 limits the possibilities for public gatherings, among other things, we’re temporarily bringing these chats online.

Our first episode will run next week and feature representatives from three of the most prominent venues in Sweden. We're really pleased to invite Annelie Telford from Debaser in Stockholm, Carlo Emme from Plan B in Malmö alongside Daniel Levin from Pustervik here in Gothenburg. Everyone's aware of what's happening in general when cancelled events drops lika rain at the moment, but what's their strategies to survive, and what's being done at the moment? We'll talk status, future and hopes - and hopefully share some reality to the troubles they are all facing right now.

It's not a livestream, we'll record the talk and publish as fast as we can when done. Stay young, wash your hands and we'll keep you in the loop.

Debaser - Official Site

Plan B - Official Site
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