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 Viva Sounds Conference 2022 will be held in three venues on the same street, Andra Långgatan. Instead of locking people up in a conference environment with notepads and jugs of water with floating fruits we don’t know the names of, we’ll do our talks in bars and restaurants, rooms where people usually meet.
So far with invited guests from some 15 countries, most done by a handshake model, we build our program around panels, interviews, speed meetings - and keeping things as network friendly as possible. All topics and panelists will be listed on, full schedule too, in time, so keep an eye out over there for a tighter grip. And please know, this is an intimate gathering with time for everybody to meet. Come hang, get inspired, meet new people and leave all stiffness by the door.
Presented today, and more info on them all HERE
Amira Gluhic
Andy Jones
Asta Bjerde
Carolina Carol
Cecilia Velasco Martínez

Cesar Andion
Claudia Appel
Greg Kennelty
Jennifer Lundsten
John Kennedy

Lilia Ohls
Ria Rasmussen
Markus Grasseck
Mattias Albinsson
Ricardo Veiga

Robban Becirovic
Sofia Bergström
Merle Doering
Mirre Sennehed
Oskar Fredén

Patrik Larsson
Dom Gourlay
Sat Bisla
Roger Andersson
Photo by; Nikos Plegas