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Oops, we did it again!

If you were here with us, then you know. Viva Sounds 2021 was a party. It brought fire. Audience, guests, artists, bands, venues and all involved on all levels made this. We made this. Together.

Turns out the pandemic could not stop us. Not a few snow storms during the days before the event, and not a water leak during the event either. We did it and we did it as a team. Thanks everybody for being awesome and welcome back to Gothenburg 2022.
Now hear the drummer (get wicked)!

We'll post all reports as they come, these first ones in Swedish; 

HYMN - report day 1.
Popmani - report day 1.
Popmani - report day 2.
Gaffa - review Tilde. 
Gaffa - review Erki Pärnoja
Gaffa - review Sunhill

Photo: Bongo Riot @ Pustervik, by Nikos Plegas