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Westside keeps working around the same four corners: media, release, live and Viva Sounds, and we're juggling with as much as we can between these. On the updated site you will get a better view of that that means. And we're for sale too!

From now on we wanna be more transparent and show off more on what we're doing and what's happening. Time for an update of the site, to better catch where we are now, and possibly get a map on where we're going. 

- Calendar, new! - the dates we're doing stuff, presenting artists, shows, festivals, hosting stages and talks.
- Release, new! - the releases we're somewhat involved with, supporting the labels (and artists) part of Westside.
- Services, new! - we can be your hired guns, take a look, get in touch!
- Artists, updated! - get a better overview and look at the fine artists we're doing stuff with.
- Shop, new! - we'll be your go-to for all music released by our partners, opening up after the summer.

There you go, no problem, take a look around and get with the program.

Photo: Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash