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For being a completely unknown band, Second Theory are by no means unknown to playing big shows; being the brainchild  of former Dark Tranquility drummer Anders Jivarp. The band now also consists of members hailing from other nameworthy acts such as Fuel, Evergray and Horisont - and together they're ready to perform their first real show at Musexpo in Los Angeles.

After almost 30 years of being in one of Sweden's biggest death metal exports Anders left the band, as it was time to venture into uncharted territory.

– It'd been a great ride but in the end it felt like I was only doing the same thing, I wanted to develop in some way and do something different. I'd written a bunch of songs that didn’t really fit their sound, so I got in touch with vocalist Tønnes Skyman who floored me with his performance. We started to write some songs together, and and the rest just followed rather quickly. I’m really looking forward to it all as it's nice to have a fresh start, says Anders Jivarp.

With influences from the arena sound of U2, the hooks of Stereophonics, and some americana/country vibes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, they're now eager to show the LA crowd their craft.

– We’re really excited about it all. We've gotten a very good time slot so we’re gonna use that time well. It's been difficult to decide on what songs to play as it's hard to know what others will like. But we do wanna flirt a bit with the American market as it feels like a good place to start off in. So we’ll play some softer songs this time around - then we can go a bit harder when we promote our own shows up ahead, Anders says.

Even though they’ve kept quiet (until now), they've already recorded a debut album in Svenska Grammofon Studion. It’s almost ready to go, and the rest will follow at the right time.

– The first priority is to get the record out, as we don’t want to make a big fuss about us before it’s released. We're a band that will work our way up and play a lot, so this US trip is a great step in the right direction. We actually already have some songs for the next album so we're quite far ahead even though we are extremely unknown. Despite being older men nowadays we're hungry, says Anders.

Second Theory is about to put a stop to second guesses as they head to Musexpo, happening in Los Angeles on March 19-22.

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Photo by Jake Blucker