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The post-punk quartet Beverly Kills is no newcomer to playing beyond their home ground, having done shows both around Europe and overseas. With a debut album just around the corner they now head to Fekete Zaj Fesztivál - an annual feast of obscure music and subcultures right outside Budapest, Hungary. Vocalist Alma Westerlund & guitarist John Jonsén shared their thoughts on it with us.

– It’s so incredibly cool that there is a synth and alternative music festival in the middle of the countryside in Hungary. So it’s sick to be part of that context, says John.

– For this gig we probably will focus on having a bit more synthetic and experimental set to match the vibe of the festival. We both have the slightly poppier and the slightly messier side, so we’ll try to give them best off the album, says Alma.

In August they are opening for legendary indiepop band Popsicle, at Södra Teatern in Stockholm. To follow up they are gonna have some of their biggest headline shows in Sweden to date - which makes them see a clear difference in gigs abroad and gigs at home.

– If you have played in Gothenburg like ten times before, you know what Gothenburg is like by now. When you play abroad there is another type of cultural exchange that can take place, as people don’t always know your music. So you get an insight into a different kind of scene which I think is fun. And somehow, there will always be someone there who knows someone you know, because you apparently like the same music. The world is big, but still quite small, Alma says.

Their upcoming debut album Kaleido has been finished for almost a year, and is now about to be released to the world. Earlier this summer the band treated us to the lovely single Amour Fou, and now teases of a much stranger single on the way - before the album drops.

– Every time we write a new pop song we think "everyone will love this", but then we write a weird song and it turns out that those are the ones people like the most. So it's quite strange, but this upcoming single is the one that has gotten the best response from the audience and is absolutely the craziest, says John.

Fekete Zaj happens outside Budapest between the 17th and the 20th of August. If you're around, you know where to go. 

Photo: Martin Wilson