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Let's think about options for a sec. What can we do for our own good as a music community? How can we be a positive force for others, and by that, to ourselves? How hard does it have to be to improve things? Turns out, probably not that hard. 

If you're tired of how things run, do something about it. We can all affect how things are going. Big and small. Our choices carries weight and we support ourselves by supporting others. Addressing our own rabbit hole, music, if most of what's being presented to us feels stale and slick and boring and not talking to us, then let's stop paying attention to it. Find music that's exciting, discover new stuff, find music that speaks our language, music done independently and not some slick format type music with only one purpose.
We all get what we deserve and if we don't make choices we deserve what's being served. And the service is done all areas as they got budgets, skilled personnel with marketing strategies to get us by any means necessary - by generic playlists we don't choose, by crooked algorithms we can't control, by radio we turn on by habit, by tv- and online shows we watch just to kill time, by ads and sponsored content we don't even recognize. And if you think that matters, act. 

We can create our own culture by supporting our own community. Wherever you are, there are loads of great music put out by labels that deserve your support. Labels that put our music because they have to. And we all know this, but too often it's just too easy to be lazy. Well aware. But right where you are, where we are, in Gothenburg or elsewhere, there are enough indie artists and bands around to fill your listening needs for years. We don't have to pay any mind to what's presented to us. We can choose our own. And if we widen our perspective we’ll find music done with love from other parts of the world in that same manner. Music that means something, and not produced as a commodity in order to enhance someone's career, which just happens to be in music.

Music is global, and easier to find now than ever. All we have to do is to put some time into it. And that's an investment for our own good, and one that big money won't be able to capitalize on. So let’s support the idea of diversity, and be players part of a culture that is focused on other values than (only) financial ones, a sustainable one, a community where someone else’s success becomes our own, where success is. not only measured by streaming numbers and sponsorships. A culture and a community that is our own, your own. Support the local music scene, or at least a music scene that you choose. Stop being served.

Photo: Kate Townsend on Unsplash