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Well, well, well, another year and edition behind us along with some 60 concerts over a cold weekend in December. You all made that weekend very special, not only for us but also for Gothenburg, so we thank you. Looking forward we got a lot planned moving into 2024. But first; Supermassive Early Birds!

November 28-30, 2024 - write it up, remember it, take note. We go again, this time for three days, pushing blocks from Thursday to Saturday. All info will of course follow a little bit later, but with you all with us, we're pretty sure we're moving into exciting times.

The early bird ticket covers all three days for a mere 350 SEK (incl. all fees). Meaning you can get a lot for very little. Future line-up announcements and other fun stuff will follow next year. And if you have a wish list when it comes to the live music (or anything else for that matter), drop us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Grab your early bird HERE
Viva Sounds Festival - November 28-30, Gothenburg

Photo by Pedram Fazelzadeh