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A bold first announcement combining extreme metal with party-injected indie rock. But to us this smells like a good start. Give a warm welcome to locals in Internet Friends and Belgiums Schizophrenia.

The Belgium boys were this close (holding fingers really close together) to playing Viva Sounds 2022, but a last minute injury came in the way. Anyways, that's yesterday, and now, TODAY, Schizophrenia is back on the bill. Joining them are Gothenburg locals Internet Friends, who's debut album Dressed To Kill is out May 5th. Are you also starting to long for December hellish Gothenburg weather? Don't be afraid to say "yes". The summer is too hot anyway; Viva Winter and Viva Sounds!

More info and tickets over at And by the way; we got confirmed intel that there's a bunch of extra cheap Flying Cat Tickets on sale, right now! 

Photo by Daniel J. Edin