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Sprinting into spring and looking west across the big blue pond. The US i back on the menu and we got western Sweden represented in both New York City and Austin, Texas.

March this year in New York will be something out of the ordinary when Boy With Apple and Melody Fields takes the stage at The New Colossus Festival. It's the second time around for Boy With Apple at the five day festival, now back with more experience and ready to make it even better than last year. 

– It feels amazing to go back to the US and play our music. Last year was such an adventure and it feels good to get a new start and to get back at it, says Tim Hedlund from Boy With Apple.

It's the first time in the US for Melody Fields and they can't wait.

– We're excited and it will be nice to get away for a while. It seems like a nice festival! We're looking forward to eating hamburgers and getting into the culture for a few days, they say.

And even though the big country isn't complete news to everyone in Melody Fields, it's always great to try and heckle the one who's been missing out so far.

– I think everyone has been there a few times except for our drummer Thomas. And we've of course lied to him about how it is over there, and he has obviously swallowed everything, they say.

Boy With Apple will continue their journey after New York and The New Colossus Festival and they're hoping to find out if the American dream is still alive. Maybe they'll find the answer on their way to the Airbnb with the great pool in Texas, where they'll be playing the SXSW Festival in Austin.

– Last year in New York was an incredible experience for us and we've learned a lot from it. This time we're more prepared with better bags and cables for our setup. Besides that we missed out on visiting the Seinfeld Café and spending more time in Brooklyn. So we're looking forward to doing that, Tim Hedlund says.

Looking past the western horizon, Boy With Apple got more things cooking. 

– The next step for us is to release our album and to keep on playing live to reach out to new listeners. We're really looking forward to sharing our music and to grow as a band, Tim says.

And new music seems to be the topic for Melody Fields as well.

– Besides the trip to the USA, we're working on a new record. This time we're going in the direction of country pop, and it would of course be fun to do a tour in the states someday, they say.

The New Colossus Festival happens March 6-10 on The Lower Eastside of Manhattan, New York. SXSW in Austin is on between March 11 to 16.

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