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Time to watch shows, meet people and gain weight on some good food as we're going back to the US. Starting with New York City and New Colossus Festival before traveling to Austin for South by Southwest. 8 shows, 3 acts and 2 events.

We've been friendly with New Colossus since having them at Viva Sounds 2019 and Beverly Kills on site in New York in March 2020, just as covid sent the world into a state of shock. Not sure if the band would make it home, they loved being on the Lower East Side. So when given the chance post-covid, we had End of Fun over, and then Boy With Apple last year. This year Boy With Apple are going back and happy to up the action we also got Melody Fields on site.
Week after, SXSW takes place in Austin and since doing our debut in Texas last year with Beverly Kills, we'll do our second year. Boy With Apple on site since in the country already and with Karl Vento also in the line-up. Altogether we're looking at some busy ten days with a lot of scouting to do, a lot of talking, a lot of walking and a lot of watching left/right before crossing streets.